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I make music when I'm bored. I started making music with GarageBand in late 2015, and got Logic Pro X in January 2017. I hope you all enjoy my music!

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Florida, USA

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hey everyone, it's been a while since i checked in here haha, infact it's been almost a year since my last news post.  honestly i don't even know if a single person on the entire planet even reads this garbage anymore but nevertheless, i've been on a hiatus for almost 15 months now (eyes open was finished in april 2017, and the only things i've put out between then and now were two remixes i made for fun, only one of which is on soundcloud)

speaking of which, i don't use newgrounds too much anymore, i've fully migrated to soundcloud.  my alias, Dreamspires, is now more of a back-up where i occasionally work on fun remixes or other related EDM stuff.  i've moved on from producing EDM for the most part, and i've started a new music project thats running on the down-low for now that only my close friends know of.  i have a release scheduled for june 2018, so i'm psyched for that haha

anways, getting to get to the point of this post, my plans for dreamspires are to keep posting random crap on soundcloud every once in a while between major projects.  but in addition to that, i'm considering coming back here to upload some of that stuff.  i just gotta be careful what i upload though because whatever i put up here has to be 100% original according to copyright regulations blah blah blah.  i don't have much planned in that regard, but i definitely have a few songs/remixes in the works that i intend on finishing at some point before the next century

in the meantime, just hang in there and i might surprise you with an upload after all this time :^]  i think that's all i have to say for now, bye bye

- dylan // dreamspires // your friend.